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£1,700 for a dissertation, but what”s the real cost of plagiarism …

Readers typically decide whether or not to read a paper based on their impressions of the abstract. Consequently, the abstract can be the most important part of your report. Format: The abstract for your 2. 671 Journal Article should be a single paragraph of about 150 words, a typical length.

You may use the Word Count tool in the Tools menu in MS Word to count the words in your abstract. Typically the Abstract is placed on its own page, before the first page of the report. In the interest of saving paper, however, the 2. Tip: Because writers consider the abstract the most difficult and important piece of their papers, abstracts are always written AFTER you have written your ENTIRE report. Save time at the end of your process to write a credible abstract. Check out the Abstract Worksheet on the 2.

Poor abstracts contain abbreviations, chemical formulas, jargon, or references to the literature, tables, or figures. Poor abstracts contain claims that do not to correspond to findings in the report itself. Return to Table of Contents     1. The Introduction of your report is organized as a funnel that begins with a definition of why the experiment is being performed and ends with a specific statement of your research approach. In published journal articles, there are at least two citations required in the introduction that support the need for your research and experiments, or show upon which theories your experiment relies. Provide context, any background required to understand the experiment. 671, however, limit the scope of background material required in your Journal Articles.

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